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Dinner Events – Monday Night Dinners


Happy hour at 5:30PM – Dinner at 6PM

Meal reservations are required midnight of the Thursday evening prior to each Monday Night Dinner.  Payment will be required at time of reservation.  All reservations and payments will be online via this web link.  The dinner cost is $15 per person.  If you need help making the online reservation, please call the Senior Center at 970-668-2940, or you can make the reservation at the computer kiosk in the Senior Center lobby

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By making a donation to Summit Seniors, you provide vital help in shaping the experience of seniors throughout Summit County.  Your support allows us to continue meeting community needs in these challenging times.

Living with Covid-19

As most of you already know the mask mandate have been lifted for those attending activities at the Community and Senior Center.  However, we encourage those who feel safer wearing a mask to do so.  All Covid-19 vaccination clinics are open to individuals for primary series or booster doses depending on eligibility. For more information on where to receive a Covid-19 vaccination, please visit the County website

Great Decisions

Great Decisions 2022

Wednesdays at 3:30 – 5:30PM | January 26, 2022 – March 23, 2022

This US foreign policy discussion group meets on Wednesday afternoon starting January 26th, 2022.  You will also be able to join the group via zoom.

Topics are picked by the Foreign Policy Association (, who also prepare a workbook with essays on the topic and a video further exploring the subject. Each meeting is led by a volunteer who elaborates on the topic and shows the video.

No reservations are needed, but you do need to be a member of Summit Seniors (SS). To sign up or renew your membership online, go to our registration page.  Or,  call the Senior Center front desk at 970-668-2940.  Workbooks for these sessions will be available at the front desk for $ 35.00 after January 1st. They are useful and informative.

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 860 4627 4432
Passcode: 704003

Great Decisions 2022 – 9 topics

1/26/22 Russia

Presented by Bob Cardwell from 3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

Russia and the United States have many areas of conflict and some possible areas of mutual interest. Arms control, Russian interference in U.S. elections and support of cyberattacks, the status of Ukraine, the fate of opposition politicians in Russia, all continue to be concerning. How will the new administration in Washington approach these issues?

2/2/22 Changing Demographics

Presented by Carlton Thornberry from 3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

The world experienced remarkable demographic changes in the 20th century that continue today and have resulted in far-reaching social, economic, political, and environmental consequences all over the globe. These consequences are creating mounting challenges to development efforts, security, climate, and the environment, as well as the sustainability of human populations.

2/9/22  Myanmar and ASEAN

Presented by Ty Drake from 3:00 – 5:00 via Zoom

The situation in Myanmar, including the coup by the military in February 2021 and the ongoing human rights crises, coupled with civil resistance by those opposed to the regime, has led to chaos in the Southeast Asian country. How are neighboring countries reacting, and what role will ASEAN play?

2/16/22  The Quad Alliance

Presented by Brian Hanly from 4:00 – 6:00 via Zoom

As part of the U.S. pivot to Asia, the United States has been in dialogue with Japan, Australia, and India in an effort to contain China. Recently, the Quad countries held joint naval exercises in the South Pacific. How effective will the actions of this alliance be?

2/23/22  Outer Space

Presented by Harold Herring & Lee Stephens  3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

The launch of Sputnik I in October 1957 marked the beginning of the space era and of the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. In the 21st century, there are many more participants in space, including countries such as India and China, and commercial companies such as SpaceX. How will the United States fare in a crowded outer space?

3/2/22  Industrial Policy

Presented by Ray Smith from 3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

The current discussion of industrial policy in the United States is not simply about whether or not to support specific companies or industries, but about trust or mistrust of the government and its ability to manage the economy and deal with a rising China. The upheaval in supply chains during the pandemic exposed weaknesses in the international economy. What policies can the United States implement to deal with trade and the economy?

3/9/22  Biden’s Agenda

Presented by Lynda Birkelbach from 3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

How will the Biden administration treat foreign policy, among other policies, differently from the last? The new administration in Washington promised to reverse many of the policies of the past administration, especially in foreign policy. How will issues such as climate, the pandemic, and alliances be treated under the Biden administration?

3/16/22  Climate Change

Presented by Harold Herring & Lee Stephens from 3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

How will the Biden administration tackle the challenges of climate change? The ideological divide in the United States on the subject of climate change has impeded progress in curbing greenhouse emissions. But extreme weather events at both ends of the thermometer have focused attention on the consequences of inaction. What role will the United States play in future negotiations on climate?

3/23/22  Drug Policy in Latin America

Presented by Bob Cardwell from 3:30 – 5:30 via Zoom

Have harsh drug control policies caused more harm than good? The issue of migration to the United States from Latin America has overshadowed the war on drugs, which has been underway for decades with little signs of progress. What are the roots and the bureaucratic logic behind today´s dominant drug policies in Latin America? Is it time to reconsider punitive drug control policies that disrupt supply chains and punish drug possession?

*If you would like more information, please contact Bob Cardwell at

Bill Kellstrom

Board Member, Term ends June 30, 2022

Bill is originally from Omaha, but has been visiting Summit County for nearly 40 years. He was previously an executive in the energy industry but now enjoys his retirement playing bridge, golfing, skiing and walking. He currently lives in Silverthorne and has two children and five grandchildren living in Denver.

Carol Hess

Board Member, Term ends June 30, 2020

Originally from New Hampshire, Carol moved to Colorado in 2017 to be closer to her children living along the Front Range but after falling in love with life in the high country, chose to call Frisco home. Carol’s professional background is in law, with experience as a trial lawyer, mediator and conflict-resolution specialist. She has served and held memberships at several non-profits throughout her life and brings a passion for creating a healthy community through her current role on the Senior Center Board.

Bob Cardwell

Board Member, Term ends June 30, 2021

Bob has lived in Summit County for the past 12 years. Before retirement, he spent most of his career as a sales engineer and manager for companies like Honeywell and The Trane Company. Today, he and his wife Kathy enjoy skiing, hiking, golfing, boating and volunteering at Lake Dillon Theater. Some of is favorite activities as a Summit Senior are presenting at Great Decisions and participating in the Loosey Goosey club.

Helen Gerstein

Secretary, Term ends June 30, 2021

Helen started volunteering throughout Summit County shortly after moving to Frisco in 2012. She has been involved with many community organizations throughout her career as a teacher, including UNICEF, Toys for Tots and the National PTA. She and her husband of 37 years, Don, have two sons and four grandchildren. Helen’s motto, adopted from John F. Kennedy’s famous speech, is: “Ask not what your community can do for you; ask what you can do for your community.”

Marty Sheets

Past President, Term ends June 30th, 2021

Marty is originally from Littleton but has owned property in Frisco for more than 20 years. Her career primarily focused in telecommunications and healthcare consulting, although she and her husband had most recently owned a security company. She has held board positions with the Lupus Foundation of Colorado, CU EMBA Association and the SkiMeister organization. Her work with Summit Seniors includes projects at the Community Care Clinic and volunteering for the Winter Games and Holiday Home Tour.

Doug Ryan

Vice President, Term ends June 30, 2021

Doug and his wife Janeen have owned property in Summit County since 2005, but only recently moved here full-time after their retirement in 2016. They previously lived in Aurora, where they raised their two children. Doug has an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and spent 36 years working for Xcel Energy. He has volunteered with several community organizations over the years, including Catholic Charities, the Rocky Mountain Optimist Club, the Aurora Leadership Program and the Boy Scouts of America. Some of his favorite activities as a Summit Senior include skiing, hiking, golfing and the Loosey Goosey club.