Important Announcement About COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In alignment with Summit County Health Department recommendations for reopening the County and conducting indoor activities, the Summit Seniors Board is providing the following revised direction for Summit Seniors’ activities.  Anyone entering a County building is required to wear a mask.  This includes the Community and Senior Center.  Compliance with this directive means those attending meals at the Center must wear a mask, unless they are engaged in the process of eating and drinking.  If sitting at the table conversing (not actually eating), masks must be worn.

For outdoor activities, fully vaccinated members need not wear masks. We recommend masks, if unvaccinated and in close contact with others.  The Board recommends that all members be vaccinated against COVID-19, as our members are in one of the most vulnerable groups for contracting and suffering severe consequences from this disease.  If not fully vaccinated, a member should reconsider attending any of the Summit Seniors activities (either indoors or outdoors) to avoid putting members who are unable to receive the vaccination at risk. 

Certain groups within our organization may feel more secure by requiring stricter requirements for attendance at their activities.  If the leadership of the group has determined it is in the best interest of their activity to require only vaccinated individuals attend, then the wishes of the group should be accepted.