Great Decisions

Every Wednesday, 3:30 -5:30 p.m. | January – March

This is a U.S. foreign policy discussion group.

The topics are picked by the Foreign Policy Association, who also prepare a workbook with essays on the topic and a video further exploring each subject. Meetings are led by a volunteer who elaborates on the topic, shows the video and then we break up into small groups to process questions and conclude with a “report back” to the whole group.

Workbooks for these sessions are available in January at the front desk of the Senior Center for $26.00. They are useful, but not required.

Topic Listing for 2021

Topic 1: Global supply chains and National Security 2/17/21

Topic 2: Future of Persian Gulf Security 2/24/21

Topic 3: Brexit: taking stock and looking forward 3/3/21

Topic 4: The Arctic: The coldest war: toward a return to Great Power competition in the Arctic? 3/10/21 Harold Herring and Lee Stevens

Topic 5: China and Africa 3/17/21

Topic 6: The Two Koreans 3/24/21 Rick Hague

Topic 7: Role of the WHO 3/31/21

Topic 8: The End of Globalization? 4/7/21 Brian Hanly

To get more information contact coordinator Bob Cardwell at (770) 366-3399 or