Name Change Survey

WHY: The Summit Seniors Board of Directors have recently been discussing the option to rebrand our non-profit (Summit Seniors) name to keep with the changing times and to combat ageism. As you know, our membership is not the typical seniors most people think of when discussing the name ‘senior center’. Our group is extremely active, physically and mentally fit, and very connected to the community.

WHAT: We are surveying our members to determine if you will support this “change of brand” initiative to remove the term “senior” and choose a name that more accurately reflects our lifestyle. To clarify, this would result in a change to the name “Summit Seniors” (our non-profit organization) not the Summit Community Center itself.

WHEN: If approved, the Board will proceed with the process of name selection and associated paperwork. We expect this process will take a few months.

HOW: Please select an option below to provide feedback about rebranding the “Summit Seniors” non-profit.